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What does Setu do?
Setu delivers software that automates and improves the mySetu Suites and Systems for EHS&S and TPM. Recognized as web-based software, mySetu Suites and Systems requires minimum hardware and no extra software installations. They are subscription based, offering customers the flexibility to scale the solution as their needs change over time.

Why should I use mySetu products and Solutions?
Setu provides an integrated platform which enables organizations to share and relate data across various departments, geographic locations and functions enterprise-wide, hence maximizing the value of data gathered. Setu Suites and System provides enterprise with a scalable software platform that enables management to significantly streamline, improve and re-engineer various business processes.

What are the benefits of using mySetu Suites & Systems?
Safety isn’t just benefiting the organisation’s employees. Its benefiting the organisation’s bottom line as well. An increasing no, of CEOs are realising that investing in safety is a sound business strategy. The thinking of most of the CEO’s has shifted from viewing EHS&S process as an additional activity with added cost to the current thinking that strong integrated programs are essential for achieving business performance on multiple dimensions. mySetu Suites & Systems help to improve transparency and assists organizations to proactively measure, manage and improve overall business performance.

Who uses the Setu Suites and Systems?
Our clients tend to be global in nature and our products & solutions can be used by any size of organization, regardless of industry. Our customer satisfaction ratings, unmatched cliental base and proven performance provide clients with the confidence that we deliver the reliable results they need.

What services does Setu offer to help with developing a unique solution?
To develop and deploy your mySetu Suites and Systems as quickly as possible, you can use Setu Services. Regardless of who you work with, you will be assured of having a team of experts helping you with project planning, solution definition, data discovery, configuration, solution deployment and adoption support.

How much can Setu be tailored to meet my unique needs?
Setu offers standardized as well as customized reports designed as per client specifications, and is completely configurable to meet your unique requirements, obligations and work processes.

How quickly can the system grow to meet my organization’s changing needs?
The Setu Suites and Systems are engineered and designed with care to make sure it seamlessly handles the growing, and changing, needs of our customers.

Do I own the data stored in Setu?
Yes you Do.

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