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To gain competitive advantage or remain on the competitive edge, organizations are constantly searching for ways to improve performance and make better use of available resources. One of the key under-utilized resources is data . Setu provides an integrated platform which enables organizations to share and relate data across the various departments, geographic locations and functions enterprise-wide, hence maximizing the value of data gathered.

Setu assists organizations to manage an extensive range of business processes required to support EHS&S and TPM related functions. Business processes within an organization are the ongoing activities required to either meet the organization's objectives or mitigate the risks associated with meeting those objectives. Setu helps improve transparency and assists organizations to proactively measure, manage and improve overall business performance via the following mechanisms:

  • •  Definition of a consistent model for all operational business processes;
  • •  Scheduling of activities required to meet organizational objectives & targets;
  • •  Demonstration of an auditable trail of action in completing those activities;
  • •  Timely provision of information for decision-making, through analysis of the data collected at         each point of the business processes;
  • •  Quantification & reporting of performance relative to organizational targets, using measures that         facilitate continuous improvement and increase transparency.

Setu enables organizations to configure every aspect of the system to reflect their specific requirements. This becomes an asset, not only with continuous improvement of the Business Processes and Disciplines it helps manage but also in gaining acceptance from the workplace.

This configurable process is achieved via Configurator Tools that are incorporated within the product. These Configurator Tools enable business-oriented and non-IT Users to change the system configuration quickly and easily and at any time, not just prior to deployment. This is particularly important as requirements tend to evolve as a result of an organization's initial implementation. With the User base and concepts become more sophisticated as knowledge increases, Setu takes monitoring and review processes into consideration. All organization-specific configuration changes are retained even after software upgrades

Setu delivers its products and solution’s under the brand name “mySetu” and it comprises of:

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