Companies define performance in most areas of their businesses as a measure of percentage of profit, turnover, return on inverstment, marketshare, or some other positive achievement. But when asked to define their EHS&S performance, they generally quote injury or some other negative, to be avoided statistic. In other words, EHS&S success is measured by the absence of injury or illness, rather than a presence of something such as profitability or operational efficiency. Moreover, a low injury or ill-health rate, even over years, is no guarantee that new risks are being understood and controlled.

mySetu Performance Management gives you a complete basket of systems to define a systematic approach to building and monitoring positive, pro-active standards of performance. These objective targets could include number of audits and inspections, training man-days, defining of projects, and tracking of related activities.

The system's ultimate goal is to allow you to focus on the performance of the entire organisation, or any department, employee, process, system, or any such other area within it.